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Marian Licha

Marian Licha (she/hers) Marian Licha is an actor, storyteller, and playwright. Born in Puerto Rico, Marian draws on ‘real life’ stories, especially those that empower women. She has performed her storytelling program "A Magical Journey into Latin America" at The Kennedy Center, The National Theatre, The Capital Children’s Museum, The Museum of American History, schools and libraries in
the Washington, D.C. area. She is the playwright/performer of "Frida Vice Versa," a one-woman show on the life and art of Frida Kahlothat has appeared in many local and national venues. As an actor, Marian has performed at Arena Stage, The Kennedy Center, Round House Theatre, and several other local, regional, and New York theatres. Recent local credits include Celia in the world premiere of Celia and Fidel and Ofelia in Anna and the Tropics, both at Arena Stage. Marian holds an MA in Educational Theatre from NYU.

Marian Licha

Drama, Storytelling

Teaching & Performing Artist

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