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Kids listen to Tom Teasley use a small keyboard instrument

World Music & Dance

InterAct has enchanted audiences for years with our story theatre productions, plays and storytelling performances.  As we begin our fourth decade of arts for young audiences, we're celebrating the talents of our wonderful teaching artists and adding programs in Music, Dance and Multidisciplinary/Hybrid performances.  We'll be adding more programs soon! 

Tom Teasley Drumming

Drumming Through Time and Across Cultures
with Tom Teasley (programs for grades PreK-12)

 Available Online! 

Join award-winning composer and world percussionist Tom Teasley on a unique journey through the history of percussion from around the world! Audiences travel the Silk Road from Italy to China and follow the Sugar Trade Route from Africa to the Americas. This program for all ages combines ancient instruments with the most recent advances in music technology, including digital looping. Audiences are captivated as Tom creates and records performances in real time, layering elements to create virtual percussion ensembles of up to five “performers”. Described in the Washington Post as “a percussionist in the widest and most exuberant sense of the word”, Tom is a two-time recipient of the Helen Hayes Theatre Award for Outstanding Sound Design and a three-time recipient of a Fulbright-Hayes grant for performances in the Middle East.

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