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      InterAct Story Theatre Arts are for everyone, and everyone learns through the arts! interacting with our communities local performances, family workshops and community events interacting with students & learners arts education and arts integration programs for students and teachers interacting online interactive performances, school programs and community programs presented through virtual/online platforms New * Now * Next InterAct Story Theatre is reopening with virtual and in-person programming on a rolling basis in the four phases below, following the protocols and reopening schedules of the State of Maryland, Montgomery County where InterAct’s office is based, and the rules set by the state/county/local government where the program will occur: • Phase A: Now! Online and Virtual performances, workshops, family events, classroom residencies, and professional development for artists and educators; outdoor workshops and recreation programs with small group sizes in some areas. • Phase B: Beginning January 2021: Above, plus in-person solo performances, classroom workshops, classroom residencies for early childhood programs, care centers, and organizations with small group sizes. • Phase C: Beginning February/March 2021: Classroom workshops with elementary school audiences, with health and safety protocols and restrictions; performances of ensemble programs with audience size restrictions; Wheaton Family Theatre Series Season 6 launches in March. • Phase D: Beginning April 2021: Performances, workshops, and classroom residencies for Middle and High School; InterAct’s Shakespeare program tours in April and May; KidStory Theatre Festival planned for May - June. • We’re so pleased with the new accessibility features that our new platform gives us, as well as the opportunity to house lots of virtual and online content for our partners and community members. We’re continuing to tinker away—adding more content, posting updates on our DEIA (Diversity-Equity-Inclusion-Access) action plan, adding info on new company members and events, and so on. In the meantime, take a look around and let us know what you think, and keep an eye on this "New Now Next" space for the latest news on all things InterAct! If you’ve got thoughts and ideas about what you’d like to see from InterAct, we’re all ears...just drop us a line at . Thanks! OUR NEW WEBSITE IS HERE! • Follow us on , , and to stay up to date on the latest info! Facebook Instagram Twitter

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      Wheaton Family Theatre Series Season 6 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 < Community Page The Wheaton Family Theatre Series is a free public performing arts series for kids and families. InterAct is a Wheaton-based theatre, and we serve our community by providing high-quality, professional arts experiences for children and adults to enjoy together, from a wide variety of cultural and arts disciplines and performed by artists representing the diversity of our community. ​ This sixth season will present programs monthly and is reimagined and expanded in a new medium, creating new ways to present work, engage our audiences, and come together as a community. All programs are virtual, interactive, and online. Programs will be presented twice, and families will have access to bilingual materials through our website, including a Virtual Crafts and Makerspace with activities. ​ To keep up on the latest news about InterAct’s Wheaton Family Theatre Series and get reminders about our next program dates, . We also invite you to check out our past seasons by clicking on any of the buttons to the left! join our mailing list Season 6: January through June, 2021 Season 5

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      About Us Scroll Down Our Vision and Our Mission Arts are for everyone, and everyone learns through the arts! InterAct Story Theatre creates performances and arts learning opportunities for all ages in: Drama and Theatre Applied Theatre Playwriting and Devising Improv for Actors Music Creative Opera Dance Creative Movement Media Arts and Technology Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Arts Our Core Values Our work at InterAct Story Theatre—on stage, in the community, in the classroom, and behind the scenes, are driven by these core values: Arts are for everyone, and everyone learns through the arts People above things Be open, be transparent, be inclusive Compassion and respect above all Diversity ✴︎ Equity ✴︎ Inclusion ✴︎ Accessibility Humans treating Humans like Humans We are a proud member of the , and strongly align with AATE's Equity and Inclusion Statement: We believe in equity, justice, and inclusion for all. We believe our work is stronger by the many voices, perspectives, and experiences we bring to the organization and the field. We will actively welcome and include all people regardless of race, socioeconomic class, color, national origin, religion, diverse perspectives, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, neurological or physical ability, veteran status, legal status, or education level. American Alliance for Theatre and Education ​ As a company dedicated to creating arts and arts learning opportunities for all and motivated by the belief that Arts are for everyone and everyone learns through the arts, the goals of DEIA are near and dear to our hearts. We have been actively implementing our DEIA action plan, which we consider to be a living, evolving part of our mission. We are inspired by the work and transparency of so many in our field. InterAct Story Theatre is a theatre for young audiences and multidisciplinary arts-in-education organization based in Wheaton, Maryland, an urban district just outside of Washington, DC. ​ We believe that every kid, every grown-up, everywhere deserves great theatre, whether or not you can get to a theatre building. We believe that everyone, everywhere can learn and grow through artistic creation and exploration. And we believe that the arts help foster communication and understanding in our communities, because the arts help us express our ideas, our hopes, our emotions and our experiences when words alone are not enough. Arts are for everyone, and everyone learns through the arts! Our mission is to create meaningful, accessible, interactive theatre and arts learning experiences to kids and the people who love them--especially to those who experience economic, social, or geographic barriers to equitable arts access. ​ We are dedicated to providing quality performances, arts-infused workshops and artist-in-residency programs for students, teachers and families throughout our region and across the country. As experts in arts education and arts integration, InterAct is committed to producing arts programs with artistic integrity and direct relevance to the educational objectives of the schools and community organizations we serve. Our merry band of performers and teaching artists weave their artistry in theatre and drama, music, dance, creative opera and filmmaking with content curricula for students and teachers of all ages. Goal 1: By July 2022, InterAct Story Theatre will develop, produce, and publish a clear, transparent, and consistent set of equity primes for all functional areas that articulate our DEIA-driven mission, vision, and values in a concrete way to internal and external stakeholders. Desired Results: By September 2021, inventory, identify, and assess existing primes, policies and procedures to be concretized and codified, and gaps to be addressed. By January 2022, new or revised policies, procedures, and primes will be ready for review, comment and input. By April 2021, drafts of primes are circulated among stakeholders for input, feedback, and review. By July 2022, primes are released, published, and made available for stakeholders; streamlined versions are published on our website. Desired Results: By Fall 2019, break apart institutional staffing structures to create more sustainable, economically equitable opportunities and greater diversity of artists; By Spring 2020, Executive Director undergoes racial equity training; by Spring 2021 current staff undergoes racial equity training; by Summer 2021, Executive Director creates plan for equity training as part of onboarding of new staff and artists; by December 2021, working group of company members begin asessment of ongoing DEIA efforts; by March 2022, working group makes recommendations; by June 2022, Executive Director presents updated DEIA plan with dedicated race-forward equity action items to board, staff, and artistic company members for discussion, adoption, and advancement of action items. Goal 3: By June 2023, all public programs produced and presented by InterAct Story Theatre in Montgomery County and Prince George's County will offer participants the opportunity, welcome, and resources to engage meaningfully in the arts experience in either Spanish or English. Goal 2: By June 2022, InterAct Story Theatre will increase diversity among personnel and advance racial equity in the workplace by creating equitable, sustainable artistic, instructional, and operational opportunities, with systems of accountability and assessment to advance racial equity in operations. Desired Results: Complete initial research by July 2020; Pilot and revise initial bilingual communications materials by June 2022; Spanish-speaking volunteers or staff at 90% of public events in Montgomery County by October 2022; provide simultaneous translation at 90% of public events in Montgomery County by June 2023 (allowing for 10% margin of error due to equipment, personnel or other factors that may be out of our control). Goal 4: Accessibility Goal: By June 2023, 90% of all public programs produced and presented by InterAct Story Theatre in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties will offer fully accessible opportunities for arts participation for persons with disabilities. Desired Results: By December 2020, InterAct Story Theatre senior staff will participate in training and advocacy at the state and local level in accessibility issues; by December 2020, InterAct Story Theatre will create a Section 508 compliant website following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and will create codified accessibility protocols for all web publications and materials; by January 2020, InterAct Story Theatre will create codified accessibility protocols for virtual and online programming; by June 2020, InterAct Story Theatre will implement codified accessibility protocols for 85% of codified accessibility protocols for virtual and online programming; by September 2021, InterAct Story Theatre will create codified accessibility protocols for in-person performances; by June 2022, InterAct Story Theatre will implement codified accessibility protocols for 75% of in-person programming; by June 2023, 90% of InterAct's online, virtual, and in-person programming will offer fully accessible arts opportunities. Goal 5: By June 2022, InterAct Story Theatre will create explicitly supportive and brave spaces for LGBTQ+ students, parents, artists, staff, and volunteers in all areas of programming and operations, and will implement specific training and accountability protocols for company members in creating supportive and brave spaces for LGBTQ+ students, parents, artists, safe, and volunteers. Desired Results: By December 2020, Executive Director and senior staff will participate in training for supporting LGBTQ+ students; by Spring 2021, InterAct Story Theatre will forge relationships with local organizations supporting LGBTQ+ youth and families; by Spring 2021, InterAct will earn certification with MSDE and MSAC in working with LGBTQ+ youth and families; by Fall 2021, InterAct Story Theatre will codify primes, policies, and accountability protocols with regard to supporting LGBTQ+ persons; by Spring 2022, InterAct Story Theatre will create and implement training protocols for company members. InterAct Story Theatre Company Members Marshal Bailey Teaching & Performing Artist ​ Lenore Blank Kelner Founder Drama, Creative Drama Ali Oliver-Krueger Executive Artistic Director Drama, Music, Opera, Storytelling, Puppetry Tom Teasley Teaching & Performing Artist World Music, Drumming Jordan Brown Performing Artist ​ Kelly King Teaching & Performing Artist Dance Pete Oliver-Krueger CTO / Technical Director Theatrical & Product Design, Multimedia Design Khaleshia Thorpe-Price Stories on Stage Drama Tina Canady Teaching & Performing Artist Drama Nancy Krebs Teaching & Performing Artist Music Penny Russell Teaching & Performing Artist Puppetry Emily Townsend Artistic Administrator and Literary Manager Creative Drama, Dramaturgy, Devising Hannah Fogler Teaching & Performing Artist ​ Marian Licha Teaching & Performing Artist Drama, Storytelling Ashton Schaffer Teaching & Performing Artist Drama Erica Washington Teaching & Performing Artist ​ Noa Gelb Teaching & Performing Artist ​ Anabel Milton Teaching & Performing Artist Drama Evan Simon Performing Artist ​ Steve Wolf Design & Publications Manager Drama, Visual Arts

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Since 1981, InterAct Story Theatre has brought a wide variety of educational, interactive performances, plays, and assembly programs to schools, libraries, and community venues, all throughout the area, delighting children, families, and educators alike. All of our programs are available for evening or weekend events and family audiences. InterAct Story Theatre performances can be adapted for a wide variety of venues, including libraries, museums, community centers, arts centers and festivals. Please contact us for more information!

InterAct Story Theatre’s programs are made possible through generous support by the Maryland State Arts Council (, the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, and the support of many wonderful partners, funders, advocates, and individuals. Thank you for your support! 

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