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    Parent Workshops & Literacy Events InterAct Story Theatre's Parent-Child workshops and Family Literacy events offers parents and caregivers ideas they can use at home to build literacy and language skills through the arts. Parents observe teaching artists work with their children, and then learn how they can play, sing, and act with their children at home. A fun and educational experience for all! ​ We are currently developing and piloting several new family programs rooted in drama, music, dance, and puppetry, so please check back! REQUEST MORE INFO Parent-Child Workshops & Family Literacy Events PARENT-CHILD WORKSHOP FOR GRADES PREK-1 Available Online Story Can Theater Parents and children participate in a delightful workshop in which a story is told through miniatures and toys (see Story Can Theatre Workshop description above). The children dramatize part of the story and the parents make several effective storytelling activities that they can use at home to promote literacy and thinking skills. This popular program is being used in schools nationwide. AN INTER-GENERATIONAL STORY SHARING EXPERIENCE FOR CHILDREN GRADES 3 AND UP AND ADULTS ​ Building Dialogue and Community One Story At a Time Telling stories is a meaningful way to transmit history, values and cultures in families, schools and communities. In this workshop, participants tell, listen, and retell stories in a process designed to celebrate our stories and build community across the generational divide. This workshop enhances oral language, listening skills, prewriting skills, and builds bridges between storytellers from ages 8 to 108. PARENT-CHILD WORKSHOP FOR GRADES PREK-K ​ Songbuilding Parents and children share in a rich music experience as they sing songs and learn about various musical instruments (See Songbuilding Workshop description above). The parents then create their own personal lullaby for their children. The lullaby focuses on their wishes, dreams and hopes for their family. A CD of both the songs sung in the workshop and the melody of the lullaby is given to each family. A warm, rich and meaningful family event. A LITERACY WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN Available Online Literacy Fiesta! Bringing Read-Alouds to Life Research shows that reading aloud with our children is one of the most important things we can do to help build strong readers. But how can we make read-alouds fun and engaging for you and your children? And what if we’re not so comfortable reading for ourselves? In this workshop, parents participate with children in fun arts-based activities with a book, then learn tips and techniques for engaging children in lively and fun read-alouds at home—even if you don’t love reading for yourself! Different workshops are available for early childhood, primary, and elementary school-age children and their families. < Back to InterAct in Schools

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    One Gold Coin–Una moneda de oro Click Here to read the review by DC Metro Theater Arts Five Stars! September 12, 2016 “My children loved the opportunity to sing, clap, create drum rolls, and otherwise become part of the story. InterAct does a great job of allowing children to actively participate in the theater experience, with interactive crafts set up in the lobby before and after the show and a list of discussion questions in the program for parents to use as discussion starters after the show...One Gold Coin – Una moneda de oro is a delightful show and I would highly recommend it to parents...” ​ Click Here to read the review by Theatre Bloom Five Stars! September 12, 2016 “Working to serve the company’s mission of actively involving young audiences in the production in a way that is interactive, Director Ali Oliver-Krueger and her performance team of three achieve the high standard set by this statement and the result is a fantastical time for everyone in attendance. From pre-show Gold-Coin making activities to the chance to be a part of the plot by singing, gesturing, and other interactive moments, Oliver-Krueger ensures that everyone who sees the show gets the maximum InterAct Story experience from doing so.” ​ Click Here to read the Preview by DC Metro Theater Arts August 23, 2016 “It is an amazing opportunity for InterAct Story Theatre’s local artists to perform for their hometown community, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for local audiences to enjoy a play that has delighted thousands of children throughout the region.” < Back to Press

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    Voytto Tech: a scifi fable on bullying Click Here to read the review by DC Metro Theater Arts September 20, 2018 "Audience members get several chances to be part of the story, helping to propel the action onstage through physical and verbal cues." Click Here to read the review by Theatre Bloom Five Stars! September 18, 2018 "It’s a remarkable and innovative piece of theatre that addresses issues with which all children are faced in this present day and age. How to survive as an individual and what to do when your individuality gets you bullied. InterAct Story Theatre has an extraordinary show on their hands with a powerful message, and together the whole thing is simply out of this world.” ​ Click Here to read the review by Theatre Bloom September 15, 2018 "Voytto Tech combines science technology and art to breach the topics of bullying and social inequality." < Back to Press

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    Arts Education & Arts Integration: Classroom Workshops InterAct Story Theatre conducts a variety of classroom workshops integrating drama, dance, and music into classroom curricula for grades preK through high school. All workshops are designed to meet state standards and objectives in both the art form and the content area being addressed. Scroll down for a sampling of some of our workshop offerings for different age and grade levels. Or, contact us or request more info about designing a classroom workshop for you! ​ Many of our classroom workshops can be expanded into 2, 3- or 4-day artist-in-residence programs. See our page of Classroom Residencies for more information . REQUEST MORE INFO Early Education Elementary School Middle & High School Students < Back to InterAct in Schools

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    Online Workshop Submission for MSAC review: The Monster Year (grades 2 - 4) Thank you for reviewing this online performance for addition to InterAct Story Theatre’s AiE Roster listing! InterAct Story Theatre has visiting performances for a wide range of educational and family audiences. CLICK HERE FOR TECHNICAL RIDER CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO This workshop is a recreation of a story dramatization workshop inspired by the Chinese folk tale “The Monster Year”. This workshop was conducted this year for 2nd - 4th graders; it has been recreated for this video submission with a mock audience of educators, actors and teaching artists. ​ A technical rider outlining the program coordination and tech rehearsal process is uploaded here; in addition to this tech packet, partner organizations also receive an electronic parent-educator resource/study guide and a link to a feedback form. Our website is currently being updated so this information will be easily accessible online. About this workshop

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    The Legend of Pufferfish Pat A Tall Tale for Mad Times Click Here to read the review by DC Metro Theater Arts September 13, 2017 “The goal of The Legend of Pufferfish Pat was to create a work in which families can hear characters share their tips and ideas for managing angry feelings and see characters modeling different anger management strategies. But don’t tell the kids that. The kids will just know that they are having fun!” ​ Click Here to read the review by DC Theatre Scene September 14, 2017 “The most impressive aspect to the piece is the clever manner in which various themes are subtlety reenforced....Also impressive is the manner in which a secondary theme regarding gender plays out. Without preaching or knocking a brick wall onto the audience, the script also makes a point of encouraging us to embrace choices outside of traditional gender expectations.” ​ Click Here to read the review by MD Theatre Guide Five Stars! September 13, 2017 “Pufferfish Pat was a Top Five Show of the Week , Pufferfish Pat is charming and funny with versatile actors!” ​ Click Here to read the review by Theatre Bloom Five Stars! September 11, 2017 “Ali Oliver-Krueger’s play is smart, simply put. It teaches a lesson without feeling preachy or pedantic, and it is easily accessible to kids of all ages, even relevant to adults! The words and descriptions that Oliver-Krueger uses to accurately express what it feels like to have an anger attack are vivid and extremely relatable. Oliver-Krueger expresses the importance of anger being a normal human emotion and the fact that it can be healthy to feel it while acknowledging the fact that there are healthy ways in which it can be expressed. She manages to do this in a fashion that is accessible to young audiences without feeling too childish and it makes the story full of heart and great learning opportunities.” < Back to Press

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    About Us Scroll Down Arrow Graphic, pointing down Our Vision and Our Mission Arts are for everyone, and everyone learns through the arts! InterAct Story Theatre creates performances and arts learning opportunities for all ages in: Drama and Theatre Applied Theatre Playwriting and Devising Improv for Actors Music Creative Opera Dance Creative Movement Media Arts and Technology Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Arts Our Core Values Our work at InterAct Story Theatre—on stage, in the community, in the classroom, and behind the scenes, are driven by these core values: Arts are for everyone, and everyone learns through the arts People above things Be open, be transparent, be inclusive Compassion and respect above all Diversity ✴︎ Equity ✴︎ Inclusion ✴︎ Accessibility Humans treating Humans like Humans We are a proud member of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education , and strongly align with AATE's Equity and Inclusion Statement: We believe in equity, justice, and inclusion for all. We believe our work is stronger by the many voices, perspectives, and experiences we bring to the organization and the field. We will actively welcome and include all people regardless of race, socioeconomic class, color, national origin, religion, diverse perspectives, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, neurological or physical ability, veteran status, legal status, or education level. ​ As a company dedicated to creating arts and arts learning opportunities for all and motivated by the belief that Arts are for everyone and everyone learns through the arts, the goals of DEIA are near and dear to our hearts. We have been actively implementing our DEIA action plan, which we consider to be a living, evolving part of our mission. We are inspired by the work and transparency of so many in our field. InterAct Story Theatre is a theatre for young audiences and multidisciplinary arts-in-education organization based in Wheaton, Maryland, an urban district just outside of Washington, DC. ​ Our mission is to create meaningful, accessible, interactive theatre and arts learning experiences for kids and the people who love them--especially to those who experience economic, social, or geographic barriers to equitable arts access. We believe that every kid, every grown-up, everywhere deserves great theatre, whether or not you can get to a theatre building. We believe that everyone, everywhere can learn and grow through artistic creation and exploration. And we believe that the arts help foster communication and understanding in our communities, because the arts help us express our ideas, our hopes, our emotions and our experiences when words alone are not enough. ​ ​ We create and produce original theatre for young audiences (professional artists performing for children, youth, families, and communities); present arts programming in our local community; and design and implement innovative, engaging, effective theatre and arts-based educational programs for all ages and stages. In our educational work, we are dedicated to providing quality performances, arts-infused workshops and artist-in-residency programs for students, teachers and families throughout our region and across the country. As experts in arts education and arts integration, InterAct is committed to producing arts programs with artistic integrity and direct relevance to the educational objectives of the schools and community organizations we serve. Our merry band of performers and teaching artists weave their artistry in theatre and drama, music, dance, creative opera and filmmaking with content curricula for students and teachers of all ages. Goal 1: By July 2023, InterAct Story Theatre will develop, produce, and publish a clear, transparent, and consistent set of equity primes for all functional areas that articulate our DEIA-driven mission, vision, and values in a concrete way to internal and external stakeholders. Goal 2: By June 2023, InterAct Story Theatre will advance racial equity in the workplace and all areas of operations by creating equitable, sustainable artistic, instructional, and operational opportunities, with systems of accountability and assessment. Goal 3: By June 2024, all public programs produced and presented by InterAct Story Theatre in Montgomery County and Prince George's County will offer participants the opportunity, welcome, and resources to engage meaningfully in the arts experience in either Spanish or English. Goal 4: By June 2024, 90% of all public programs produced and presented by InterAct Story Theatre in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties will offer fully accessible opportunities for arts participation for persons with disabilities. Goal 5: By June 2023, InterAct Story Theatre will create explicitly supportive and brave spaces for LGBTQ+ students, parents, artists, staff, and volunteers in all areas of programming and operations, and will implement specific training and accountability protocols for company members in creating supportive and brave spaces for LGBTQ+ students, parents, artists, staff, and volunteers. InterAct Story Theatre Company Members Marshal Bailey Teaching & Performing Artist ​ Lenore Blank Kelner Founder Drama, Creative Drama Ali Oliver-Krueger Executive Artistic Director Drama, Music, Opera, Storytelling, Puppetry Tom Teasley Teaching & Performing Artist World Music, Drumming Jordan Brown Performing Artist ​ Kelly King Teaching & Performing Artist Dance Pete Oliver-Krueger CTO / Technical Director Theatrical & Product Design, Multimedia Design Khaleshia Thorpe-Price Stories on Stage Drama Tina Canady Teaching & Performing Artist Drama Nancy Krebs Teaching & Performing Artist Music Penny Russell Teaching & Performing Artist Puppetry Emily Townsend Artistic Administrator and Literary Manager Creative Drama, Dramaturgy, Devising Hannah Fogler Teaching & Performing Artist ​ Marian Licha Teaching & Performing Artist Drama, Storytelling Ashton Schaffer Teaching & Performing Artist Drama Erica Washington Teaching & Performing Artist ​ Noa Gelb Teaching & Performing Artist ​ Anabel Milton Teaching & Performing Artist Drama Evan Simon Performing Artist ​ Steve Wolf Design & Publications Manager Drama, Visual Arts

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    Online Professional Development for MSAC review: Responsive Playmaking Thank you for reviewing this virtual professional development session for addition to InterAct Story Theatre’s AiE Roster listing! InterAct Story Theatre has a wide range of professional development options for educators, artists, and nonprofit organizations. CLICK HERE FOR TECHNICAL RIDER CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO CLICK HERE FOR SESSION 1 POWERPOINT SLIDES About this workshop This virtual professional development workshop is the first in a series of three sessions, with asynchronous learning in between through materials provided by InterAct Story Theatre on our web portal & Google classroom. The virtual workshop submitted here is Day One of this three-day program, and is intended as an overview of the strategy. Prior to the session, participants completed a short pre-workshop survey, and this workshop was tailored based on the results of the survey. This iteration of professional development of Responsive Playmaking is conducted by InterAct Story Theatre’s Artistic Director Ali Oliver-Krueger with a cohort of teaching artists, classroom educators, and veteran InterAct Story Theatre artistic staff members engaging in continuing education. ​ A Technical Rider outlining the program coordination and tech rehearsal process is uploaded here, as well as the slides of the Powerpoint. In addition to these materials, participants receive a pre-workshop and post-workshop survey as well as access to asynchronous materials through our web portal, our Google Classroom page for this workshop, or the workshop Padlet (in place of a traditional printed teacher packet).

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    Clinics & Master Classes When they are not teaching, many InterAct Story Theatre artists are creating artistic work and performing professionally with respected companies throughout the region. Several of our artists are directors of their own arts companies, and have won recognition and awards for their craft. A masterclass or clinic with an InterAct Story Theatre master artist can be a great way to help your arts students move forward, provide real-world professional insight and feedback on student work, or to pursue specific skills and topics in your theatre, music, or dance classes. ​ For more information about specific topics, or to inquire into artist availability for master classes and clinics, please contact us or request more info ! REQUEST MORE INFO Sample Master Classes, Clinics, and Lecture-Demonstrations for Performing Arts Students and Developing Artists ​ Master Class leaders and clinicians, and their areas of expertise: ​ Kelly King , dancer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of Contradiction Dance and co-founder of The Movement Movement: choreography, modern dance Ali Oliver-Krueger , Executive/Artistic Director of InterAct Story Theatre: vocal music, theatre, acting/actor coaching, directing, audition preparation for actors and singers, playwriting, theatre management/arts administration. Tom Teasley , award-winning composer, world musician, and percussionist: world music, percussion, combining digital looping with live performance. Emily Townsend , Artistic Administrator, Literary Manager, and Resident Dramaturg of InterAct Story Theatre: dramaturgy, theatre criticism < Back to InterAct in Schools

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    About these residency sessions/videos: This virtual residency is a recreation of an in-person residency conducted with kindergarten students in Spring 2020. The residency was designed to integrate creative drama (story dramatization and responsive playmaking) with Math (Counting & Cardinality; Operations), Speaking & Listening, and Reading Literature. Like our other programs, our residency design process applies principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and best practices in working with students who are ELL/ESOL to create programming that is flexible and allows students to participate meaningfully in the least restrictive, most supportive environment possible. ​ The original residency was 4 30-minute sessions long; virtual sessions were adapted and piloted with a planned structure of six 15- to 20-minute sessions in mind, based on the needs and scheduling constraints shared by our school partners. For the purpose of these review videos, each video fuses together what would be two 15-20 minute sessions into one 30-minute session, so reviewers can see the entire story or story-building process if they so choose. ​ The six sessions of this residency are planned as follows: ​ Session 1: What is acting? Warm-up; use voice, body, imagination to become a character in today's story; share first 1/2 of story; reflect, closing ritual, and transition to classroom teacher for next activity. Session 2: Warm up; assess recall of the first half of the story, and reinforce recall as needed; share 2nd half of story; sequence the main events of the story; reflect; closing ritual, and transition to classroom teacher for next activity. Session 3: Warm-up, introduce acting tools and skills chart (Imagination, Voice, Body, Imagination, Cooperation, Concentration), review story as actors; dramatize story using Group Role Drama or Simultaneous Drama as appropriate to needs, progress and skills of students; reflect, closing ritual, and transition to classroom teacher for next activity. Session 4 and Session 5: After warming up and reviewing acting tools and skills, the teaching artist leads students in students working together to create a new, original story based on the story we learned and acted out in sessions 1 - 3. In this residency, students create a sequel for "Rooster's Off to See the World", in which Rooster goes on a trip to a new setting. We create the first half of the story in session 4, the second half in session 5. Sessions close with reflection, closing ritual and transition. Session 6: Following the same basic procedure as Session 3, students dramatize the sequel they created. The residency closes with final reflection, ritual closing, and transition. Online Residency Submission for MSAC review: Rooster’s Off to See the World (K-2) Thank you for reviewing this online performance for addition to InterAct Story Theatre’s AiE Roster listing! InterAct Story Theatre has visiting performances for a wide range of educational and family audiences. This program was designed for students in grades PreK-1, some of whom are with a teacher in a classroom, and some of whom are at home with a family member. Advance Planning and Technical Preparation A Technical Rider outlining the program coordination and tech rehearsal process is uploaded below. In addition to this tech packet, partner organizations also receive access to asynchronous learning materials on InterAct’s web portal and/or Google Classroom for the workshop/residency, and links to feedback forms. CLICK HERE FOR TECHNICAL RIDER CLICK HERE TO WATCH "DAY 1-2" VIDEO: INTRODUCING THE STORY/DRAMA + MATH! CLICK HERE TO WATCH "DAY 4-5" VIDEO: CREATING A SEQUEL

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    Rabbits and Sharks! A reimagined retelling of a Japanese mukashibanashi (folk tale) by Ali Oliver-Krueger We hope you like this story! If you want to read it, here it is in English and Spanish . ​ After you watch the video, check out these activities and discussion ideas in English and activities and discussion ideas in Spanish ! Talking about stories is a great way to practice reading, speaking, and language skills. ​ Enjoy the show! ​ ¡Esperamos que le guste esta historia! Si quiere leerla, aquí está en inglés y en español . ¡Después de ver el video, revise estas actividades e ideas de discusión en inglés y también en españo l ! Hablar de historias es una excelente forma de practicar las destrezas de lectura, conversación y el idioma. ¡Disfrute de la presentación! Post-performance Activities and Discussion Talking with our family after watching a show is a great way to practice speaking, reading, and listening skills! Here are some questions and activities to try with your children in English and in Spanish . ​ We'd love to hear your ideas, hear what you think, and see the pictures and stories you make! If you would like to share your thoughts, ideas, and art with us write to us at . Thank you for coming to our show online! ​ ¡Nos encantaría escuchar sus ideas, oír lo que piensa, y ver las fotos e historias que hace! Si quiere compartir sus opiniones, ideas y arte con nosotros escríbanos a . ¡Gracias por venir a nuestra presentación en línea!