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  • Press | InterAct Story Theatre

    Press Scroll Down Click on any of the items below to read reviews about past events and articles about our work. Read review for The Hero of Everything Read review for Bobtail BONG BONG Read review for Voytto Tech Read reviews of The Legend of Pufferfish Pat Read reviews of One Gold Coin Article: "Take Ten with Ali Oliver-Krueger Article: "Accessible Arts"

  • family-programs | InterAct Story Theatre

    Parent-Child Workshops and Family Literacy Events InterAct Story Theatre's Parent-Child workshops and Family Literacy events offers parents and caregivers ideas they can use at home to build literacy and language skills through the arts. Parents observe teaching artists work with their children, and then learn how they can play, sing, and act with their children at home. A fun and educational experience for all! ​ NOTE: We are currently developing and piloting several new family programs rooted in drama, music, dance, and puppetry, so please check back! ​ All of our programs are available during the school day or for evening and weekend events for family audiences. InterAct Story Theatre performances can be adapted for a wide variety of venues, including libraries, museums, community centers, arts centers and festivals. ​ Available Online! Many of our programs are also available for virtual/online formats! Just look for the box saying “Available Online!” next to program listings. If you don’t see the exact thing you’re looking for, or if you see something and are curious if it can be adapted for virtual/online, ask us! We are constantly designing new programs for our’s one of our favorite things to do. Please contact us or request more info for more information! PARENT-CHILD WORKSHOP FOR GRADES PREK-1 Available Online Story Can Theater Parents and children participate in a delightful workshop in which a story is told through miniatures and toys (see Story Can Theatre Workshop description above). The children dramatize part of the story and the parents make several effective storytelling activities that they can use at home to promote literacy and thinking skills. This popular program is being used in schools nationwide. AN INTER-GENERATIONAL STORY SHARING EXPERIENCE FOR CHILDREN GRADES 3 AND UP AND ADULTS ​ Building Dialogue and Community One Story At a Time Telling stories is a meaningful way to transmit history, values and cultures in families, schools and communities. In this workshop, participants tell, listen, and retell stories in a process designed to celebrate our stories and build community across the generational divide. This workshop enhances oral language, listening skills, prewriting skills, and builds bridges between storytellers from ages 8 to 108. PARENT-CHILD WORKSHOP FOR GRADES PREK-K ​ Songbuilding Parents and children share in a rich music experience as they sing songs and learn about various musical instruments (See Songbuilding Workshop description above). The parents then create their own personal lullaby for their children. The lullaby focuses on their wishes, dreams and hopes for their family. A CD of both the songs sung in the workshop and the melody of the lullaby is given to each family. A warm, rich and meaningful family event. A LITERACY WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN Available Online Literacy Fiesta! Bringing Read-Alouds to Life Research shows that reading aloud with our children is one of the most important things we can do to help build strong readers. But how can we make read-alouds fun and engaging for you and your children? And what if we’re not so comfortable reading for ourselves? In this workshop, parents participate with children in fun arts-based activities with a book, then learn tips and techniques for engaging children in lively and fun read-alouds at home—even if you don’t love reading for yourself! Different workshops are available for early childhood, primary, and elementary school-age children and their families. Featured Plays Stories on Stage World Music Family Programs < Back to InterAct in Schools

  • The Hero of EVERYTHING Reviews | InterAct Story Theatre

    The Hero of EVERYTHING Click Here to read the review by Sarah Shah with DC Theater Arts September 26, 2022 “A delightful way to spend an hour with a young person on a weekend.” < Back to Press

  • Workshop Submission 2 | InterAct Story

    Online Workshop Submission for MSAC review: The Monster Year (grades 2 - 4) Thank you for reviewing this online performance for addition to InterAct Story Theatre’s AiE Roster listing! InterAct Story Theatre has visiting performances for a wide range of educational and family audiences. CLICK HERE FOR TECHNICAL RIDER CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO This workshop is a recreation of a story dramatization workshop inspired by the Chinese folk tale “The Monster Year”. This workshop was conducted this year for 2nd - 4th graders; it has been recreated for this video submission with a mock audience of educators, actors and teaching artists. ​ A technical rider outlining the program coordination and tech rehearsal process is uploaded here; in addition to this tech packet, partner organizations also receive an electronic parent-educator resource/study guide and a link to a feedback form. Our website is currently being updated so this information will be easily accessible online. About this workshop

  • Make a Donation | InterAct Story Theatre

    Donate to InterAct Story Theatre Arts are for everyone ... and everyone learns through the arts! Every year InterAct is able to bring quality arts programs and arts-based learning experiences to more and more children, youth, and families, thanks to the generosity of donors just like you! With your one-time or recurring donation, you not only get the satisfaction of knowing you put a smile on a child's face and helped empower learning through the arts, you may also qualify for a tax deduction! InterAct Story Theatre Education Association, Inc. is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit and your contribution may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes ​ We hope you'll consider supporting our work by making a donation to InterAct Story Theatre. You can make a one-time donation or recurring gift by credit card through the webform on this page. If you're interested in making a donation by check or making an in-kind donation of goods or pro-bono services, please contact us ! Every little bit helps! We will put your donation to work right away bringing fantastic arts and education programs to children, families, educators and community members throughout our area. Thank you! Make-a-Donation-Top-Page Thank you to our Funders, Donors and Supporters! InterAct Story Theatre Education Association’s arts-in-education programming is made possible due to the generous support of our funders, donors, supporters, and volunteers. Thank you so much to these caring communitarians, and to those who choose to support our work anonymously. You help us bring our vision to life, and make sure arts are for everyone, and everyone learns through the arts! Visionaries Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County Citrix Podio Greater Washington Community Foundation & The Arts Forward Fund Adriana Hernandez Ali Oliver-Krueger Peter Oliver-Krueger Maryland Humanities Maryland State Arts Council Suzanne Milton (in honor of Anabel Milton and the teaching artists who keep InterAct going!) Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation Nora Roberts Foundation Matthew Williams Champions The Biosophical Institute John Carlock (in honor of Anabel Milton) Shoshana, Izi and Eric Colchamiro Mirza Donegan Karen Donelan (in honor of the Milton Family) Blair Eig Julie Fitzgerald Cynthia Hallberlin Rozann Hassell The Henry D. Kahn and the Laura Primakoff Charitable Fund (in honor of Anabel Milton) Adriana P. Hernandez Craig & Eileen Hollander ​ John Jeffries Lenore Blank Kelner Jerry Kickenson The Milton Family (in memory of Jeff Hassell) Kathy and Randy Pherson (“Ali, you Rock!”) Maureen Roult Emily Townsend Rick Westerkamp The Westerkamp Family Adam Wise Steven Wolf Denise Young Advocates Mary Beth Bauernschub Valerie Baugh-Schlossberg Nora Benitez Eowyn Ellison Nancy C. Grant (in honor of Suzanne Milton) Terri Grant Susan Hutner Catherine Huntress-Reeve Vickey Kirkpatrick Marianna Martindale Laura Marvel Anabel Milton Sheri Moreen Mia Bell Porter Matthew Poti Nell Quinn-Gibney Hydeliza Revilla Maureen Roult Danielle Sultan Charles Vilade Kiersten Whitehead (in memory of Susan H. Drumm) Jenny Windstrup (in honor of Emily Townsend, "because she's a rockstar") Kent Woods Donate If you would like to support our mission by making a donation, you can make a one-time donation or recurring gift by credit card through the webform at the top of this page . InterAct Story Theatre Education Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, and your financial contribution is deductible to the fullest extent permissible by law. Thank you!

  • plays | InterAct Story Theatre

    Featured Plays for School Audiences InterAct Story Theatre is proud to offer a variety of performances tailored to children and young adults of all ages. Please scroll down to check out our featured plays. Also, visit our storytelling and story theatre programs ! ​ ​ For more information, please request more info or contact us ! Our Spring 2024 Production: Availability of productions are subject to change The Monsters of Seahorse Island World Premiere of a Brand New Play by InterAct Story Theatre! Grades K–5 The people of Seahorse Island and the people of the Kingdom under the ocean have been at odds for longer than anyone can remember, but why? And what happens when worlds collide? This thoughtful and funny play includes lots of audie nce participation. 50 minutes with audience interaction, K-5 audiences ​​Contact us to schedule your performance today! . ​ ADD A TALKBACK SESSION AFTER THE SHOW! One of the best ways to fully appreciate a play is to talk with the actors who bring the play to life. Adding a Talkback session with the actors after a performance gives your students a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, explore the themes and lessons of the play, and learn more about the actor's craft. As part of the talkback, the actors will also demonstrate a little of what happens "behind the scenes", showing students how the set works and how the actors manage the split-second costume and character changes our plays require. An entertaining and educational arts experience! A typical Talkback is approximately 20 minutes in length. ADD A FOLLOW-UP CLASSROOM WORKSHOP! The fun and learning continues with a follow-up classroom workshop. After a performance, students participate in an engaging creative drama workshop with an actor from the play. Students explore the characters and themes of the play, and work together to compose and act out their own original scene extending the story of the play. This exciting workshop connects with curriculum content standards in English/Language Arts and Theatre. ​ Contact us to schedule your program today! Featured Plays Stories on Stage World Music Family Programs < Back to InterAct in Schools

  • Work with Us | InterAct Story Theatre

    Work with Us Scroll Down Call for Performing Artists and Ensembles: Wheaton Family Theatre Series InterAct Story Theatre is looking for artists and ensembles interested in performing as part of the Wheaton Family Theatre Series, a free performing arts series for kids and families produced by InterAct. The series has included theatre, storytelling, clowning, West African drumming and dance, global percussion, opera, capoeira, and more, and seeks to reflect the diverse community of Wheaton back to its audiences. Performances take place on weekends in the fall, and last no more than 45 minutes. All programs will take place virtually, and must be family-friendly. Interested performers and ensembles should submit program information including program description, photo and/or sample video (if available), and performance fee rates to with the subject header Wheaton Submission. ​ To learn more about InterAct Story Theatre and our core values of Humans treating Humans like Humans, visit our About Us page . ​ Thank you! Volunteer Opportunities We are always looking for volunteers to help during events and help with other projects at InterAct Story Theatre. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact at or fill out our mailing list form in our page footer and be sure to check the volunteer box!

  • "Take Ten with Ali Oliver-Krueger" | InterAct Story Theatre

    TheatreWashington "Take Ten with Ali Oliver-Krueger" by Michael Kyrioglou September 14, 2016 “[InterAct Story Theatre] is brightening the lives of children and adults.” ​ “To the 8 year old: Go for it! Try everything, and be curious about everything. Don’t worry about being right, or being perfect--don’t be afraid to get messy, struggle, and fail. Struggle is good. It’s okay if you’re struggling as you’re learning and making art—struggling at something doesn’t mean you’re bad at it, it just means you’re figuring out how to get good at it!” < Back to Press

  • elementary school | InterAct Story Theatre

    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL These are just a sampling of the many arts-integrated workshops we do each year. All of these workshops can be expanded into a 2-, 3- or 4-day classroom residency in which the students explore the content area in depth through the arts. This allows us to provide a sequentially structured arts learning experience so we can really maximize student learning and create a deeper, more meaningful arts experience. REQUEST MORE INFO Arts Education & Arts Integration: Classroom Workshops We are constantly designing new workshops! In fact, most of the workshops you see here were originally designed because someone asked us, "Hey, InterAct...can you do a workshop on ___________ to address __________ objective?" WE LOVE THIS. It's really our favorite thing to do. The answer is almost always, "Sure. Let's put our heads together and see what we can create!" ​ So, if you would like an arts integration experience for your students that you don't see here, please contact us or request more info so we can design something for you! Drama Grades PreK-5 Available Online! BOOKS ALIVE Books come to life as students explore age-appropriate text from children's literature or folklore through creative drama, and dramatize the text in their own words. Books Alive workshops can be designed to fit a variety of themes, topics, world cultures or curricular goals. Please contact us with your questions and ideas! Maximum 25-27 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. Grades K-5 Available Online! RESPONSIVE PLAYMAKING & PLAYBUILDING Through a variety of creative drama and short-form devising techniques, participants investigate a text, theme or curriculum topic as artists, and then collaborate in devising a short story, drama, or theatre piece in the classroom (or virtual classroom!). This is a great way to foster collaboration, social emotional skills and 21st century skills through theatre while building content knowledge. Responsive Playmaking can also be booked as a residency with multiple sessions with or without a sharing or informal performance. All stories are submitted for InterAct’s annual KidStory Theatre Festival, a celebration of stories written by kids for kids...and the best of the best are performed by professional actors at our festival in May!. The workshops are modified for varying grade levels. Maximum 25-27 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. Grades 4-5 Available Online! A VISIT TO A COLONIAL VILLAGE The classroom is transformed into a colonial village as students take on their roles as colonists, each with a colonial occupation. Students learn and share information in-role about their occupations and display their wares in this fun and informative creative drama experience. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 60-minute session. Grades 4-8 Available Online! GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGY Students explore mythology, the gods of Olympus, and the some of the cultural influences behind Greek and Roman mythology. Maximum 25-27 students (1 class) for each 60-minute session. Grades 3-6 Available Online! TALL TALES: STORIES OF WESTWARD EXPANSION Tall Tales are exaggerated stories about the taming of America's West. Students dramatize key moments of a Tall Tale and explore its relationship to our nation’s growth. Maximum 25-27 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. ​ ​ DRAMA GAMES FOR THE SCIENTIFIC BRAIN Students build content knowledge and vocabulary through experimentation and drama gaming. The workshops are designed to meet specific benchmarks and indicators. Please contact us so we can design a workshop for you! Recent workshops have dealt with such topics as Motion and Force; Tectonic Plates and Earthquakes; The Digestive System; Atoms and Elements. Music & Creative Opera Grades 2-6 ​ OPERABUILDING Students learn the basic elements of opera and explore how opera uses music and drama to tell a story. InterAct's General Director Ali Oliver leads students through this lyrical adventure. Maximum 25 students (1 class) per 60-minute session. Note: This innovative and exciting workshop can be expanded into OPERAtunities for Writing, a 3-5 day residency linking creative opera with Writing and Reading Literature or Reading Informational Text. Grades 3-8 ​ SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF WEST AFRICA Students are introduced to the instruments and sounds of West African music. Students play instruments and learn chants and songs. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. Grades 3-8 ​ DRUM CIRCLE Students are given a hands-on multicultural experience by teaching them the basics of African palm drumming. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. Dance Grades 2-6 ​ OPERABUILDING Students learn the basic elements of opera and explore how opera uses music and drama to tell a story. InterAct's General Director Ali Oliver leads students through this lyrical adventure. Maximum 25 students (1 class) per 60-minute session. Note: This innovative and exciting workshop can be expanded into OPERAtunities for Writing, a 3-5 day residency linking creative opera with Writing and Reading Literature or Reading Informational Text. Grades 3-8 ​ SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF WEST AFRICA Students are introduced to the instruments and sounds of West African music. Students play instruments and learn chants and songs. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. Grades 3-8 ​ DRUM CIRCLE Students are given a hands-on multicultural experience by teaching them the basics of African palm drumming. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. Early Childhood Elementary School Middle & High School Students < Back to InterAct in Schools

  • One Gold Coin una moneda de oro Reviews | InterAct Story Theatre

    One Gold Coin–Una moneda de oro Click Here to read the review by DC Theater Arts Five Stars! September 12, 2016 “My children loved the opportunity to sing, clap, create drum rolls, and otherwise become part of the story. InterAct does a great job of allowing children to actively participate in the theater experience, with interactive crafts set up in the lobby before and after the show and a list of discussion questions in the program for parents to use as discussion starters after the show...One Gold Coin – Una moneda de oro is a delightful show and I would highly recommend it to parents...” ​ Click Here to read the review by Theatre Bloom Five Stars! September 12, 2016 “Working to serve the company’s mission of actively involving young audiences in the production in a way that is interactive, Director Ali Oliver-Krueger and her performance team of three achieve the high standard set by this statement and the result is a fantastical time for everyone in attendance. From pre-show Gold-Coin making activities to the chance to be a part of the plot by singing, gesturing, and other interactive moments, Oliver-Krueger ensures that everyone who sees the show gets the maximum InterAct Story experience from doing so.” ​ Click Here to read the Preview by DC Theater Arts August 23, 2016 “It is an amazing opportunity for InterAct Story Theatre’s local artists to perform for their hometown community, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for local audiences to enjoy a play that has delighted thousands of children throughout the region.” < Back to Press

  • music-and-more | InterAct Story Theatre

    World Music & Dance InterAct has enchanted audiences for years with our story theatre productions, plays and storytelling performances. As we begin our fourth decade of arts for young audiences, we're celebrating the talents of our wonderful teaching artists and adding programs in Music, Dance and Multidisciplinary/Hybrid performances. We'll be adding more programs soon! Drumming Through Time and Across Cultures with Tom Teasley (programs for grades PreK-12) Available Online! Join award-winning composer and world percussionist Tom Teasley on a unique journey through the history of percussion from around the world! Audiences travel the Silk Road from Italy to China and follow the Sugar Trade Route from Africa to the Americas. This program for all ages combines ancient instruments with the most recent advances in music technology, including digital looping. Audiences are captivated as Tom creates and records performances in real time, layering elements to create virtual percussion ensembles of up to five “performers”. Described in the Washington Post as “a percussionist in the widest and most exuberant sense of the word”, Tom is a two-time recipient of the Helen Hayes Theatre Award for Outstanding Sound Design and a three-time recipient of a Fulbright-Hayes grant for performances in the Middle East. For more information ​​ Contact us or request more info . Featured Plays Stories on Stage World Music Family Programs < Back to InterAct in Schools

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    Out of School Time Programs Many of our residency programs are available not only during the school day, but after school as well. InterAct artists conduct arts-based workshops for child care providers and extended learning programs throughout our Maryland, Virignia, and Washington, DC. Please contact us for more information! ​ We also frequently design workshops by request to fit the theme, content area, or skillsets being taught at an event. If you'd like us to design a unique experience for your family learning event, please contact us or request more info ! REQUEST MORE INFO Sample Programs Grades PREK-K, GRADES 1-2, GRADES 3-5 Available Online! Books Alive Students have fun diving into an array of children’s books and folk tales—acting, moving, dancing, singing, and playing their way through books! Students build language and literacy skills as they have fun learning to use their acting tools and skills and sharing stories. Grades 6-8 Available Online! Improv for Actors In this exciting and fun-filled residency, one or more InterAct teaching artists lead students in a variety of increasingly challenging improvisation and activities over the course of the session. The program can include an optional culminating event showcasing original scenes developing from our improvisational work. Students explore character and scene work as they engage in a program designed to promote concentration, collaboration and teamwork, cooperative learning, critical thinking and creative problem solving. GRADES 3-5, GRADES 6-8 Available Online! Devising and Playbuilding After School In this drama-based writing residency, students use creative drama techniques and group writing strategies to write and perform original stories and scenes. In doing so, students learn and apply basic acting tools and elements of story structure as they practice collaboration and appropriate peer review. This process builds prewriting skills, oral language and presentation skills, problem solving skills, and teamwork. Themes can be drawn a variety of character education topics or curriculum content. GRADES PREK-K, GRADES 3-5, GRADES 7-8 ​ Creative OPERAtunities Students learn how opera combines music and drama to tell stories by transforming stories and events into original musical scenes of their own! By using acting tools and skills along with the basic elements of music, students create their own original operas. Students explore a preselected topic, story, or book and transform their ideas into musical scenes, from solos to ensemble songs for the whole group. See how much fun storytelling with music can be! < Back to InterAct in Schools

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