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  • interact-after-school | InterAct Story Theatre

    Out of School Time Programs Many of our residency programs are available not only during the school day, but after school as well. InterAct artists conduct arts-based workshops for child care providers and extended learning programs throughout our Maryland, Virignia, and Washington, DC. Please contact us for more information! ​ We also frequently design workshops by request to fit the theme, content area, or skillsets being taught at an event. If you'd like us to design a unique experience for your family learning event, please contact us or request more info ! REQUEST MORE INFO Sample Programs Grades PREK-K, GRADES 1-2, GRADES 3-5 Available Online! Books Alive Students have fun diving into an array of children’s books and folk tales—acting, moving, dancing, singing, and playing their way through books! Students build language and literacy skills as they have fun learning to use their acting tools and skills and sharing stories. Grades 6-8 Available Online! Improv for Actors In this exciting and fun-filled residency, one or more InterAct teaching artists lead students in a variety of increasingly challenging improvisation and activities over the course of the session. The program can include an optional culminating event showcasing original scenes developing from our improvisational work. Students explore character and scene work as they engage in a program designed to promote concentration, collaboration and teamwork, cooperative learning, critical thinking and creative problem solving. GRADES 3-5, GRADES 6-8 Available Online! Devising and Playbuilding After School In this drama-based writing residency, students use creative drama techniques and group writing strategies to write and perform original stories and scenes. In doing so, students learn and apply basic acting tools and elements of story structure as they practice collaboration and appropriate peer review. This process builds prewriting skills, oral language and presentation skills, problem solving skills, and teamwork. Themes can be drawn a variety of character education topics or curriculum content. GRADES PREK-K, GRADES 3-5, GRADES 7-8 ​ Creative OPERAtunities Students learn how opera combines music and drama to tell stories by transforming stories and events into original musical scenes of their own! By using acting tools and skills along with the basic elements of music, students create their own original operas. Students explore a preselected topic, story, or book and transform their ideas into musical scenes, from solos to ensemble songs for the whole group. See how much fun storytelling with music can be! < Back to InterAct in Schools

  • plays | InterAct Story Theatre

    Featured Plays for School Audiences InterAct Story Theatre is proud to offer a variety of performances tailored to children and young adults of all ages. Please scroll down to check out our featured plays. Also, visit our storytelling and story theatre programs ! ​ ​ For more information, please request more info or contact us ! Past Productions Have Included: The following productions are subject to change William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream Grades 6-12 ​ Star-crossed lovers on the run. The King and Queen of Fairies fighting over their favorite kid. Romance, chaos, intrigue, practical jokes, and a royal wedding complete with a play-within-a play, all in the course of one midsummer night! InterAct Story Theatre takes on a beloved Shakespearean classic with a zippy, madcap one-hour adaption of A Midsummer Night's Dream, performed by four actors. A Midsummer Night's Dream may be booked as a stand-alone assembly program or as part of a Shakespeare residency with InterAct's teaching artists unpacking Shakespeare's themes through drama! Available for middle and high school audiences. 60-minute performance ​​ Contact us to schedule your performance today! The Hero of Everything Grades K-6 ​ Who needs a sidekick or a team when you can do everything yourself, and do it just the way it should be? Captain Everything, leader of The Amazing Alliance and Citytown City's favorite superhero, loves saving the day, and can defeat almost any foe single-handed...but no foe is tougher to beat than Captain Everything’s own need to have everything under control even as the world tumbles down in chaos around her. Will Captain Everything learn she doesn’t have to go it alone, and let others help her before it’s too late? Will the Amazing Alliance find a way to come together—even when they’re apart? Or will Citytown City come tumbling down? This action-packed, interactive play for elementary school audiences incorporates live action, multimedia effects, and a ton of active audience participation as Captain Everything and her team grapple with the character education themes of Cooperation, Collaboration, Fairness and Respect, along with important Social and Emotional Learning concepts. 50 minutes with audience interaction, K-6 audiences ​​ Contact us to schedule your performance today! Bobtail Bong Bong: A Monkey’s Tale Grades PreK-2 ​ Bob the Monkey is the smartest monkey in the land, and they want everyone to know it! Bob the Monkey wants what they want, and they should be able to get it! But why is everyone mad at Bob? Why is everyone so mean? Bob didn’t do anything! In this interactive theatre forum, children follow Bob’s misadventures and help Bob figure out where they went wrong, and where they could try out Caring, Fairness, and Respect to turn things around. Led by InterAct’s Artistic Director Ali Oliver-Krueger, audience members make suggestions about how Bob could do things differently, watch Bob roleplay out their suggestions to see if Bob can make things better by making better choices. Does it work? What happens next? Bobtail Bong Bong: A Monkey's Tale is an interactive play where children explore how we can apply elements Character Education and Social Emotional Learning in the way we treat others… even when we are feeling sad, angry, or misunderstood. 45-minute performance ​​ Contact us to schedule your performance today! According to Shakespeare Grades 6-12 ​ Our educational program for grades 6 through 12 returns as students get a taste of life According to Shakespeare, taking a spin through an array of his most popular plays, focusing on themes that are just as familiar to today's students as they were to Shakespeare's own audiences! According to Shakespeare gives students an opportunity to experience Shakespeare in performance in a way that reading the text or even watching a filmed performance can’t capture. Created with students who might struggle reading Shakespeare in mind, a number of plays that typically appear in classroom curricula are highlighted. According to Shakespeare may be booked as a stand-alone assembly program or as part of a residency with InterAct Story Theatre’s teaching artists unpacking Shakespeare’s themes through drama! 60-minute performance ​​ Contact us to schedule your performance today! One of the best ways to fully appreciate a play is to talk with the actors who bring the play to life. Adding a Talkback session with the actors after a performance gives your students a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, explore the themes and lessons of the play, and learn more about the actor's craft. As part of the talkback, the actors will also demonstrate a little of what happens "behind the scenes", showing students how the set works and how the actors manage the split-second costume and character changes our plays require. An entertaining and educational arts experience! A typical Talkback is approximately 20 minutes in length. ADD A FOLLOW-UP CLASSROOM WORKSHOP! The fun and learning continues with a follow-up classroom workshop. After a performance, students participate in an engaging creative drama workshop with an actor from the play. Students explore the characters and themes of the play, and work together to compose and act out their own original scene extending the story of the play. This exciting workshop connects with curriculum content standards in English/Language Arts and Theatre. ​ Contact us to schedule your program today! Featured Plays Stories on Stage World Music Family Programs < Back to InterAct in Schools ADD A TALKBACK SESSION AFTER THE SHOW!

  • Anabel Milton

    Anabel Milton Anabel Milton (she/her/hers) is a Silver Spring-based actor, singer, and teaching artist who believes strongly in the power of the arts and storytelling to foster connection, community, and empathy among human beings. Anabel is a graduate of Skidmore College, where she earned a BS in Theater and BA in psychology. Anabel is an enthusiastic and longtime student of classical voice, and also enjoys singing jazz and international folk. Anabel has previously studied at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA, and at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. She also performed at the 2018 InterHarmony Music Festival in Acqui Terme, Italy, and joined the Acting Company of the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Annapolis, MD in 2019. Anabel is passionate about working with young people, and has for many years in a variety of roles. Anabel especially enjoys working in early childhood, but has experience working with students of all ages and abilities and hopes to use her studies in psycholinguistics, clinical psychology, and child development to continue advocating for accessibility in theater spaces and in theater for young audiences. She is also is deeply passionate about trauma relief, crisis prevention, and promotion of mental health awareness for youth, and hopes to be an advocate in her work for individuals struggling with depression and anxiety. Drama Teaching & Performing Artist Back

  • The Legend of Pufferfish Pat Reviews | InterAct Story Theatre

    The Legend of Pufferfish Pat A Tall Tale for Mad Times Click Here to read the review by DC Theater Arts September 13, 2017 “The goal of The Legend of Pufferfish Pat was to create a work in which families can hear characters share their tips and ideas for managing angry feelings and see characters modeling different anger management strategies. But don’t tell the kids that. The kids will just know that they are having fun!” ​ Click Here to read the review by DC Theatre Scene September 14, 2017 “The most impressive aspect to the piece is the clever manner in which various themes are subtlety reenforced....Also impressive is the manner in which a secondary theme regarding gender plays out. Without preaching or knocking a brick wall onto the audience, the script also makes a point of encouraging us to embrace choices outside of traditional gender expectations.” ​ Click Here to read the review by MD Theatre Guide Five Stars! September 13, 2017 “Pufferfish Pat was a Top Five Show of the Week , Pufferfish Pat is charming and funny with versatile actors!” ​ Click Here to read the review by Theatre Bloom Five Stars! September 11, 2017 “Ali Oliver-Krueger’s play is smart, simply put. It teaches a lesson without feeling preachy or pedantic, and it is easily accessible to kids of all ages, even relevant to adults! The words and descriptions that Oliver-Krueger uses to accurately express what it feels like to have an anger attack are vivid and extremely relatable. Oliver-Krueger expresses the importance of anger being a normal human emotion and the fact that it can be healthy to feel it while acknowledging the fact that there are healthy ways in which it can be expressed. She manages to do this in a fashion that is accessible to young audiences without feeling too childish and it makes the story full of heart and great learning opportunities.” < Back to Press

  • Schools | InterAct Story Theatre

    InterAct in Schools Scroll Down Touring productions and arts-in-education programs for learners of all ages Since 1981, InterAct Story Theatre has brought a wide variety of educational, interactive performances, plays, and assembly programs to schools, libraries, and community venues, all throughout the area, delighting children, families, and educators alike. InterAct Story Theatre is partnering with schools and community partners across the country to deliver in-person and virtual/online options for workshops, artist-in-residence programs, performances, family programs, and professional development opportunities for educators and artists. ​ Follow the links below. Boxes saying “Available Online!” next to a program title means, in most cases, the program can be either presented virtual or in-person. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us about designing a program just for you and your students! One of our favorite things to do is to design programs with our fact, many of the programs you see on our website were originally designed in response to requests by parents, teachers, kids, and community partners. Contact us or request more info to talk with us about how we can present or design an in-person or virtual/online arts program for your school or your community. We’re cooking up some new and creative online programs—so check back with us or join our mailing list to stay in the loop with the latest information! REQUEST MORE INFORMATION Performances & Assembly Programs Arts Education & Arts Integration: Classroom Workshops Arts Education & Arts Integration: Artist-in-Residence Programs Out of School Time Programs Clinics & Master Classes Parent Workshops & Literacy Events Staff Workshops & Trainings Professional Development Residencies Add to Mailing List

  • InterAct Online | InterAct Story Theatre

    InterAct Online Scroll Down Interactive online programs for the virtual classroom or virtual stage InterAct Story Theatre’s arts education programs are going online and into the virtual classroom! Looking for ways to keep students engaged in the virtual classroom or at home? Seeking out online programming that makes classroom learning more interactive? On the hunt for culturally responsive arts education options, or teaching artists with expertise in working with students with varied abilities, students with Limited English Proficiency, and students who just need to be active...even when they’re sitting in front of a Chromebook? Look no further! InterAct is here to help! In response to requests from educators and parents, we’ve been adapting a lot of our workshops, residencies, and performances for virtual/online instruction! Available Online! Look for the box saying “Available Online!” next to program titles. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us about designing a program just for you and your students! One of our favorite things to do is to design programs with our fact, many of the programs you see on our website were originally designed in response to requests by parents, teachers, and kids. All programming is designed from a framework of Universal Design for Learning and creating child-centered, child-driven arts learning activities. ​ Contact us or fill out our response form to talk with us about how InterAct can design or present a virtual/online program for your school or community. Virtual/online offerings available include: InterAct in the Community Performances & Assembly Programs Arts Education & Arts Integration: Classroom Workshops Arts Education & Arts Integration: Artist-in-Residence Programs Out of School Time Programs Staff Workshops & Training Professional Development Residencies Parent-Child Workshops and Family Literacy Events AND we’re cooking up some new and creative online programs—including new versions of some of our interactive plays—so check back with us or join our mailing list to stay in the loop with the latest information! < Back to InterAct in the Community

  • OOST Submission | InterAct Story

    Online Out of School Time for MSAC review: Mama-San Stories Thank you for reviewing this online performance for addition to InterAct Story Theatre’s AiE Roster listing! InterAct Story Theatre has visiting performances for a wide range of educational and family audiences. This program was designed for students in grades PreK-1, some of whom are with a teacher in a classroom, and some of whom are at home with a family member. ​ A tech sheet outlining the program coordination and tech rehearsal process is uploaded here; in addition to this tech packet, partner organizations also receive an electronic parent-educator resource/study guide and a link to a feedback form. Our website is currently being updated so this information will be easily accessible online. CLICK HERE FOR TECH PACKET CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

  • clinics-and-master-classes | InterAct Story Theatre

    Clinics & Master Classes When they are not teaching, many InterAct Story Theatre artists are creating artistic work and performing professionally with respected companies throughout the region. Several of our artists are directors of their own arts companies, and have won recognition and awards for their craft. A masterclass or clinic with an InterAct Story Theatre master artist can be a great way to help your arts students move forward, provide real-world professional insight and feedback on student work, or to pursue specific skills and topics in your theatre, music, or dance classes. ​ For more information about specific topics, or to inquire into artist availability for master classes and clinics, please contact us or request more info ! REQUEST MORE INFO Sample Master Classes, Clinics, and Lecture-Demonstrations for Performing Arts Students and Developing Artists ​ Master Class leaders and clinicians, and their areas of expertise: ​ Kelly King , dancer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of Contradiction Dance and co-founder of The Movement Movement: choreography, modern dance Ali Oliver-Krueger , Executive/Artistic Director of InterAct Story Theatre: vocal music, theatre, acting/actor coaching, directing, audition preparation for actors and singers, playwriting, theatre management/arts administration. Tom Teasley , award-winning composer, world musician, and percussionist: world music, percussion, combining digital looping with live performance. Emily Townsend , Artistic Administrator, Literary Manager, and Resident Dramaturg of InterAct Story Theatre: dramaturgy, theatre criticism < Back to InterAct in Schools

  • "Accessible Arts" | InterAct Story Theatre

    Culturespot MC "Accessible Arts" by Karen Shafer March 29, 2017 “What I really loved, what really excited me, was being able to teach through the arts, being able to really connect with kids and reach kids who might not get a chance to see things like theatre and opera if we don’t bring it to them.” ​ “ …Even in the midst of a negative situation, [InterAct] creates something positive…” ​ “Such experiences can help children learn empathy and communicate more effectively. ” < Back to Press

  • Response Form | InterAct Story Theatre

    Bring InterAct to Your Community: Interested in bringing InterAct Story Theatre to your school, community, business, or event? InterAct Story Theatre tours plays, performing arts programs, family arts workshops, community dialogue events, arts education programs and lecture/demonstrations to community venues and festivals across the country, both virtually/online and in person! How can we bring the power of arts and learning together in your community? ​ Please fill out this form, and we'll get in touch with you to make it happen! If you require assistance with this form or prefer to call by phone, you may contact 301-879-9305 . First Name* Last Name* Email Phone School/Site/Organization Name* Address Are you interested in a virtual/online program or in-person program? (Check all that apply) I am interested in an online/virtual program. I am interested in a live/in-person program at my site. I am interested in a blended program--some in-person and some virtual/online. What kind of program(s) are you interested in? (Check all that apply) I am interested in a performance. I am interested in a workshop for students. I am interested in a staff development workshop. I am interested in a master class or clinic. I am interested in a parent-child workshop. I am interested in a residency program. Other Discount code (if any) Comments Submit Thanks for submitting! Response Form Scroll Down

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    Professional Development Residencies REQUEST MORE INFO Arts Coaching Residencies--I Do, We Do, You Do Available Online! In these popular and effective residencies, an InterAct teaching artist works hand-in-hand with classroom teachers. They plan lessons together integrating drama with the on-going curriculum. The teaching artist demonstrates a lesson and on succeeding visits co-teaches with the classroom teachers. The design of this residency follows the guidelines for best practice procedures for effective staff development. The residency has been implemented successfully in school systems nationwide. Please contact us or request more info for details. Student Residencies PLUS Professional Development Workshop(s) Available Online! Many of our Professional Development workshops can be combined with student workshops to create an extended artist-in-residence experience that benefits students and teachers alike. This is often a great first step for schools and teachers who would like to explore arts integration in the classroom: An InterAct professional development workshop on a particular strategy, followed by a series of student workshops in which InterAct artists apply that strategy in the classroom, modeling the strategy for teachers so they can see it come to life with their students. Interested in knowing more? Please contact us or request more info for details. < Back to InterAct in Schools

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    EVENTS I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font. Feel free to drag and drop me anywhere you like on your page. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​ No upcoming events at the moment

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