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  • middle-high-school | InterAct Story Theatre

    MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL All of these workshops can be expanded into a 2-, 3- or 4-day classroom residency in which the students explore the content area in depth through the arts. This allows us to provide a sequentially structured arts learning experience so we can really maximize student learning and create a deeper, more meaningful arts experience. REQUEST MORE INFO Arts Education & Arts Integration: Classroom Workshops We are constantly designing new workshops! In fact, most of the workshops you see here were originally designed because someone asked us, "Hey, InterAct...can you do a workshop on ___________ to address __________ objective?" WE LOVE THIS. It's really our favorite thing to do. The answer is almost always, "Sure. Let's put our heads together and see what we can create!" ​ So, if you would like an arts integration experience for your students that you don't see here, please contact us or request more info so we can design something for you! Drama & Theatre ​ Available Online! RESPONSIVE PLAYMAKING & PLAYBUILDING Through a variety of creative drama and short-form devising techniques, participants investigate a text, theme or curriculum topic as artists, and then collaborate in devising a short story, drama, or theatre piece in the classroom (or virtual classroom!). This is a great way to foster collaboration, social emotional skills and 21st century skills through theatre while building content knowledge. Responsive Playmaking can also be booked as a residency with multiple sessions with or without a sharing or informal performance. All stories are submitted for InterAct’s annual KidStory Theatre Festival, a celebration of stories written by kids for kids...and the best of the best are performed by professional actors at our festival in May! Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. ​ Available Online! THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD & THE CIVIL WAR Through the drama strategy of tableau (living statues) students explore key events and issues of the Civil War. Some of the causes, tragedies and triumphs of the war are revealed. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45- to 60-minute session. ​ Available Online! EXPLORING SHAKESPEARE'S THEMES Students explore through drama some of the issues and themes in Shakespeare's plays. The workshop can be custom-designed for: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Hamlet and Macbeth. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45- to 60-minute session. Grades 5-8 Available Online! GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGY Students enact scenes from various Greek and Roman myths using the creative drama strategy of tableaux, delving into the themes, morals, and context of these ancient tales. Maximum 25-30 students (1 class) for each 60-minute session. Multiple programs Available Online! ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS These workshops and residencies are designed to meet grade level Social Studies objectives and curriculum standards, and are available for a variety of eras and content areas. In these workshops, students explore key events and issues related to the topic you’ve selected through image theatre, tableaux, and related drama and music techniques. Recent Ancient Civilizations topics include: Julius Caesar and The Roman Republic; Dynastic China; Ancient Greece; The Aztecs. More are available, and we’re happy to design a program to fit your Social Studies curriculum! Maximum 25-30 students (1 class) for each 60-minute session. ​ ​ DRAMA GAMES FOR THE SCIENTIFIC BRAIN Students build content knowledge and vocabulary through experimentation and drama gaming. The workshops are designed to meet specific benchmarks and indicators. Please contact us so we can design a workshop for you! Recent workshops have dealt with such topics as Motion and Force; Tectonic Plates and Earthquakes; The Digestive System; Atoms and Elements. Music Grades 5-8 ​ OPERABUILDING Students learn the basic elements of opera and explore how opera uses music and drama to tell a story. InterAct's General Director Ali Oliver leads students through this lyrical adventure. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45- to 60-minute session. NOTE: This innovative and exciting workshop can also be a 3-5 day residency linking creative opera with writing skills called Operatunities for Writing. Grades 5-8 ​ SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF WEST AFRICA Students are introduced to the instruments and sounds of West African music. Students play instruments and learn chants and songs. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. Grades 5-8 ​ DRUM CIRCLE Students are given a hands-on multicultural experience by teaching them the basics of African palm drumming. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. Dance Grades 5-8 Available Online! A TASTE OF LATIN AMERICAN CULTURE In this action-packed dance travelogue of movement, chants and dance, students explore cultural traditions and customs of Latin America. Maximum 25 students (1 class) for each 45-minute session. Early Childhood Elementary School Middle & High School Students < Back to InterAct in Schools

  • clinics-and-master-classes | InterAct Story Theatre

    Clinics & Master Classes When they are not teaching, many InterAct Story Theatre artists are creating artistic work and performing professionally with respected companies throughout the region. Several of our artists are directors of their own arts companies, and have won recognition and awards for their craft. A masterclass or clinic with an InterAct Story Theatre master artist can be a great way to help your arts students move forward, provide real-world professional insight and feedback on student work, or to pursue specific skills and topics in your theatre, music, or dance classes. ​ For more information about specific topics, or to inquire into artist availability for master classes and clinics, please contact us or request more info ! REQUEST MORE INFO Sample Master Classes, Clinics, and Lecture-Demonstrations for Performing Arts Students and Developing Artists ​ Master Class leaders and clinicians, and their areas of expertise: ​ Kelly King , dancer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of Contradiction Dance and co-founder of The Movement Movement: choreography, modern dance Ali Oliver-Krueger , Executive/Artistic Director of InterAct Story Theatre: vocal music, theatre, acting/actor coaching, directing, audition preparation for actors and singers, playwriting, theatre management/arts administration. Tom Teasley , award-winning composer, world musician, and percussionist: world music, percussion, combining digital looping with live performance. Emily Townsend , Artistic Administrator, Literary Manager, and Resident Dramaturg of InterAct Story Theatre: dramaturgy, theatre criticism < Back to InterAct in Schools

  • Noa Gelb

    Noa Gelb Noa Gelb (she/hers) is a multi-disciplined Classicist and Theatre Artist specializing in arts administration, dramaturge, and performance. A firm believer in theatre as a collaborative process, Noa enjoys working closely with creatives to create new works and reimagine old ones. Some favourite positions include: Producer for Wall-to-Wall Theatre Festival, a museum-style, found-space, multimedia performance festival; Casting Director for Theatre Prometheus, a theatre company dedicated to promoting queer, feminist theatre; Assistant Stage Manager at the Folger Shakespeare Library, and Dramaturge for a number of modern adaptations of Ancient Greek plays. As a Classicist, Noa specializes in ancient Mediterranean mythology and religion, and enjoys marrying her passions of Classics and Theatre by creating work that investigates themes of identity, human connections, magic, and historical relevance. Noa believes in the transformative power of storytelling and works to bring mythology to younger audiences through her writing and theatre creation. In her spare time, Noa enjoys travelling, reading, yoga, exploring independent coffee shops, and volunteering for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and as a Text Bank Moderator for the 2020 General Election. ​ Teaching & Performing Artist Back

  • Tierra Burke

    Tierra Burke ​ ​ Performing Artist Back

  • PD Submission | InterAct Story

    Online Professional Development for MSAC review: Responsive Playmaking Thank you for reviewing this virtual professional development session for addition to InterAct Story Theatre’s AiE Roster listing! InterAct Story Theatre has a wide range of professional development options for educators, artists, and nonprofit organizations. CLICK HERE FOR TECHNICAL RIDER CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO CLICK HERE FOR SESSION 1 POWERPOINT SLIDES About this workshop This virtual professional development workshop is the first in a series of three sessions, with asynchronous learning in between through materials provided by InterAct Story Theatre on our web portal & Google classroom. The virtual workshop submitted here is Day One of this three-day program, and is intended as an overview of the strategy. Prior to the session, participants completed a short pre-workshop survey, and this workshop was tailored based on the results of the survey. This iteration of professional development of Responsive Playmaking is conducted by InterAct Story Theatre’s Artistic Director Ali Oliver-Krueger with a cohort of teaching artists, classroom educators, and veteran InterAct Story Theatre artistic staff members engaging in continuing education. ​ A Technical Rider outlining the program coordination and tech rehearsal process is uploaded here, as well as the slides of the Powerpoint. In addition to these materials, participants receive a pre-workshop and post-workshop survey as well as access to asynchronous materials through our web portal, our Google Classroom page for this workshop, or the workshop Padlet (in place of a traditional printed teacher packet).

  • Erica Washington

    Erica Washington ​ ​ Teaching & Performing Artist Back

  • Anabel Milton

    Anabel Milton ​ Drama Teaching & Performing Artist Back

  • Anabel Milton

    Anabel Milton Anabel Milton (she/her/hers) is a Silver Spring-based actor, singer, and teaching artist who believes strongly in the power of the arts and storytelling to foster connection, community, and empathy among human beings. Anabel is a graduate of Skidmore College, where she earned a BS in Theater and BA in psychology. Anabel is an enthusiastic and longtime student of classical voice, and also enjoys singing jazz and international folk. Anabel has previously studied at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA, and at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. She also performed at the 2018 InterHarmony Music Festival in Acqui Terme, Italy, and joined the Acting Company of the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Annapolis, MD in 2019. Anabel is passionate about working with young people, and has for many years in a variety of roles. Anabel especially enjoys working in early childhood, but has experience working with students of all ages and abilities and hopes to use her studies in psycholinguistics, clinical psychology, and child development to continue advocating for accessibility in theater spaces and in theater for young audiences. She is also is deeply passionate about trauma relief, crisis prevention, and promotion of mental health awareness for youth, and hopes to be an advocate in her work for individuals struggling with depression and anxiety. Drama Teaching & Performing Artist Back

  • Kelly King

    Kelly King Kelly (she/hers) is the founder and Artistic Director of Contradiction Dance Theatre, making dances for theatre, film, stage, and street... and all the places people go in-between. Playing in several artistic sandboxes at once, Kelly serves the creative community as an educator, choreographer, consultant, advocate and audience member. For over 15 years she has worked with teachers and students on adaptive movement bringing dance to all types of students. She has founded three dance programs, including the CityDance Center at Strathmore and Contradiction Dance; led professional development workshops for educators nationwide; consulted for the DC Collaborative for the Arts and Humanities; and served St. Mary’s College of Maryland teaching all levels of improvisation, composition, jazz and modern dance. Currently, Kelly teaches beginners through professional levels of dance to students ranging from pre-school to senior citizens, including adults with disabilities. She also leads Moving Dialogues workshops to engage and empower non-dancers in the artistic process through their own writing and movement. As a trainer in arts integration, she leads workshops designed to create the next generation of master educators. Kelly has performed nationally and internationally for several dance companies, notably BodyWise Dance, CityDance Ensemble (Associate Director), Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Echo Park Contemporary Ballet, and JazzDanzDC. She has performed with production companies, including Cirque du Soleil, The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Cast of Thousands. Choreography credits include projects with The Kennedy Center, Round House Theatre, The Source Festival, Forum Theatre, Constellation Theatre, Taffety Punk Theatre Company, M productions at the Anacostia Arts and site specific work for the #DanceAboutDC series. Dance Teaching & Performing Artist Back

  • Steven L. Barker

    Steven L. Barker ​ Teaching Artist Back

  • Steve Wolf

    Steve Wolf Steve Wolf (he/him/his) works with marketing concepts and graphic design and for the last 25+ years is a designer, photographer, and actor in the DC Metro area. Steve worked for many years with the Montgomery College Summer Dinner Theatre program training front of house customer service and providing box office and marketing support. In his spare time, he helps with website and layout for Hexagon's musical, satirical, political comedy revue and their charity work. Drama, Visual Arts Design & Publications Manager Back

  • Hannah Fogler

    Hannah Fogler Hannah Fogler (she/hers) is a performer, teaching artist, director, and makeup/SFX artist for theatre and film. A certified educator, Hannah teaches in Baltimore City Public Schools as well as working widely throughout the area as a teaching artist with Baltimore Center Stage, Baltimore Shakespeare Factory, Single Carrot Theatre, and Drama Learning Center. Her resume includes performing credits in Shakespeare, youth theatre, and modern drama as well as a wide array of experience in directing, production, technical theatre, and design. In addition to her work as a performer and teaching artist with InterAct Story Theatre, Hannah is InterAct’s resident headpiece/hair/makeup SFX designer. Her work in makeup/SFX is highly respected in both the theatre and the film industry for her work, which was nominated for Best Makeup by World Music & Independent Film Awards (2016). Teaching & Performing Artist Back

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