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kids making rabbit ears with their fingers as Ali Oliver-Krueger tells a story

Storytelling and Story Drama Programs Celebrating Cultures from Around the World

STORIES ON STAGE programs combine storytelling, drama, and song to explore world cultures. Our gifted performers become a variety of characters while bringing a story to life. Students "get into the act" too by participating in this riveting experience. 

STORIES ON STAGE programs are performed by one actor with audience participation. Programs are designed for audiences with a maximum of 200 students, unless otherwise specified. Choose from a variety of programs listed below, celebrating different cultures from around the world. Contact us or request more info for details!

Ali Oliver-Krueger being a rabbit

A Journey Through Latin America
with Marian Licha

Grades K-6

Puerto Rican-born actor and storyteller MARIAN LICHA weaves stories and song together as she takes students on a magical journey through Latin America. The stories are rich with humor and folk traditions. Included in the program are several stories of the foolish and delightful Juan Bobo.

El Coqui
with Marian Licha

Grades PK-2

El Coqui, the tiny frog king, is the biggest singing sensation in all Puerto Rico...but what happens when he takes his act on the road? This original tale by Puerto Rican actor and storyteller Marian Licha celebrates Puerto Rican culture with story, song, and gentle humor.

Marian Licha

The Magic Tree
with Khaleshia Thorpe-Price


A funny, uplifting story adapted from a Zambian folk tale. The animals of the grasslands are in terrible trouble—it hasn’t rained in ages, and everyone is hungry and thirsty! Their only hope is to find out how to get the fruit from a mysterious magic tree, but they must journey across the land to learn how...and they have to remember the secret on the long journey back!

Khaleshia Thorpe-Price
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