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Thank You!

To all of our kids and families who saw our production of Not My Monkey at the Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center in Silver Spring, Maryland!

The good news is that we have an ENCORE of Not My Monkey this weekend!

Wheaton Family Theatre Series is back! CLICK HERE to view our New Season!

October 7 and 8!

Encore Performance

Not My Monkey title under circus tent with two monkies hanging from balloons and one eating a banana

Not My Monkey

A fun filled play for kids and families performed at Highland Elementary School, 3100 Medway St., Wheaton, Maryland 20902

A play about cooperation and working together in your own community. What happens when everyone in a community decides that it’s really not their job to solve the problems they see? Everything’s topsy-turvy under the big top, and the monkeys have run amok at the circus! The leader of the circus tries to solve the problem, but everyone is pointing fingers, and no one wants to help: “Not my circus, not my monkeys. It’s YOUR problem, YOU figure it out!” How do you solve a problem that affects everyone when no one wants to help? Can they figure it out before monkeys turn the town upside down? Best for ages 5 & up.

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