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Wheaton Family Theatre Series

Season 5: October, 2019 through February, 2020

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Bobtail BONG BONG: A Monkey’s Tale

October 2019

In this interactive forum theatre experience for kids and families, audiences follow Bob the Monkey’s madcap misadventures and help Bob figure out where they went wrong and got in trouble monkeying around. Audience members make suggestions about how Bob could do things differently, and watch Bob and friends role play out their ideas. Can Bob flip the script and turn things around?

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Kofi Dennis & Performing Arts Center for African Culture

November 2019

In honor of beloved InterAct Story Theatre Artist and Ghanaian Master Drummer Kwame Ansah-Brew, join Kofi Dennis and members of Performing Arts Center For African Cultures (PACAC) as they bring an exciting morning of rhythms, dances, and songs representing a variety of cultures across Africa. All ages.

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Preposterous! A Happenstance Clown Circus

December 2019

InterAct Story Theatre welcomes back our friends from Happenstance Theater as these charming vintage clowns play circus animals, sing as a human calliope, do a classic circus mirror routine, invent a number of ridiculous “entrées,” perform live music, and execute a preposterous slow motion number involving a pie! All ages.

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Literacy Fiesta!

January & February 2020

In our Literacy Fiesta programs, kids and adults are part of the story as we celebrate books and stories through drama, music, movement and dance! Join us and leave those winter blues behind!

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