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Wheaton Family Theatre Series

Season 6: January through May, 2021

Ali Oliver-Krueger leads a Family Literacy Fiesta in 2018

A Family Literacy Fiesta!

A live interactive virtual program 
led by InterAct’s director
Ali Oliver-Krueger

January, 2021

Join us as we launch Season 6 and celebrate the new year with a virtual online family fiesta of storytime fun! InterAct Story Theatre’s director Ali Oliver-Krueger leads kids and adults in exploring a favorite folk tale together online, through movement, drama, and song. Everyone’s part of the story in this literacy fiesta! Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Kelly King  leads a Wheaton Family Theatre Series event in 2018

I am Human! Dancing with Change

A Dancing Through Books Workshop led by Kelly King

February, 2021

We all know how to dance with change - we do it with every single step we take. We adapt to the conditions of the ground, momentum, and direction with our every move. So let’s get up on our feet and dance! In this virtual dance workshop inspired by the book “I am Human—A Book of Empathy”, Kelly King, InterAct Story Theatre teaching artist and founder of The Movement Movement, brings us together during this time of change...through books and dance! We'll dance our way through this heartwarming book and create a dance just for us as we move through the world with empathy and dance with change. This event is sure to get you up and moving to chase away those winter chills! Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Khaleshia Thorpe-Price

The Magic Tree

performed by Khaleshia Thorpe Price  

March, 2021

A funny, uplifting story adapted from a Zambian folk tale, performed by actor and teaching artist Khaleshia Thorpe-Price. The animals of the grasslands are in terrible trouble—it hasn’t rained in ages, and everyone is hungry and thirsty! Their only hope is to find out how to get the fruit from a mysterious magic tree, but they must journey across the land to learn how...and they have to remember the secret on the long journey back! Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Penny and her dog puppet, Pearl

Saturday Mornings in April

A different fun and fab virtual program each week!

April, 2021

Puppets with Penny

InterAct artist and puppeteer extraordinaire Penny Russell will be giving a short introduction to different puppetry styles, with some suggestions for building your own puppet! Bring stuffed animal or puppet of your own.


Kpanlogo: A Ghanaian Dance for Children

During this workshop, InterAct artist Erica Washington, will explore with kids and families song and movement in a recreational dance that comes from the Ga people of Ghana, West Africa.



Join veteran InterAct artist Nancy Krebs for a fun, music-filled event! Learn about some of her instrument 'friends' and have fun singing along!


A Magical Journey into the World of Juan Bobo

InterAct artist and Puerto Rican-born actor and storyteller Marian Licha weaves stories and song together as she introduces tales of the foolish and delightful Juan Bobo, taking kids and families on a magical journey rich with humor and Latin American folk traditions.

Erica Washington
Nancy Krebs
Marian Licha
KidStory Theatre Festival @Home! A theatrical celebration of stories written by kids for kids

KidStory Theatre Festival


May and June, 2021

This year's KidStory Theatre Festival presented a new video short every week through June 12! Throughout the month, InterAct artists shared their interpretations of some of the fabulous stories written by kids for kids in our KidStory Theatre creative writing and drama program. Each program streamed on our Facebook page at and our Youtube channel each Saturday at 10 a.m. in 2021:

Hot and Cold Animals Being Friends

Madison and the Bakery
Flower and the Golden Treasure
Cozytown Town Hall
Mr. Gumpy and the Animals Go to Pineapple City

Bubblepop I, Space Rescue Mission

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