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Captain Everything vs Pizzilla

Featured Plays for School Audiences

InterAct Story Theatre is proud to offer a variety of performances tailored to children and young adults of all ages. Please scroll down to check out our featured plays. Also, visit our storytelling and story theatre programs!  

For more information, please request more info or contact us!

Our Spring 2024 Production:

Availability of productions are subject to change

The Monsters of Seahorse Island

World Premiere of a Brand New Play by InterAct Story Theatre!
Seahorse Island Logo_edited.jpg

Grades K–5

The people of Seahorse Island and the people of the Kingdom under the ocean have been at odds for longer than anyone can remember, but why? And what happens when worlds collide? This thoughtful and funny play includes lots of audience participation.


50 minutes with audience interaction, K-5 audiences

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One of the best ways to fully appreciate a play is to talk with the actors who bring the play to life. Adding a Talkback session with the actors after a performance gives your students a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, explore the themes and lessons of the play, and learn more about the actor's craft. As part of the talkback, the actors will also demonstrate a little of what happens "behind the scenes", showing students how the set works and how the actors manage the split-second costume and character changes our plays require. An entertaining and educational arts experience! 


A typical Talkback is approximately 20 minutes in length.


The fun and learning continues with a follow-up classroom workshop. After a performance,  students participate in an engaging creative drama workshop with an actor from the play. Students explore the characters and themes of the play, and work together to compose and act out their own original scene extending the story of the play. This exciting workshop connects with curriculum content standards in English/Language Arts and Theatre. 

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